Reverse culture shock

I used to love December.

Year end sale.

Snowy heavily.


Holiday and travelling.

But now, i still looking for new interests before start working. It’s been almost 5 months. The feeling is still there. Yup my sis told me before, she took over 1 year to adapt new environment of doing nothing after graduated and being back home.

Of course i’m happy. Being HOME. The best experience ever.

But you just can’t help keep remembering your old sweet time on your own back there. Friends and environment. Social life.

You’re more worldly, more cultured, and feel like a changed person, but the problem is, everyone else here is exactly the same. And not only that, they expect you to be the same, too.

Settle back to your pace of life might be quite hard, and maybe i should stop complaining about the inferiority of my native country. What they say, jangan lupe diri.






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