Wedding tales

What a week. Two days ago, finally my bestie got married.

Despite the fact that my parents were not so well prior to the wedding with doubt in my mind should i go or not, my mom and dad assured me to go and celebrate this beautiful day of her. I had the most amazing time catching up with my girlfriends.

I have known Arie since our foundation studies. She was my roommate there and also during my 6 years studies in overseas, so naturally we’ve known each other so well. I am so happy for them. In the past 7 years I have seen their love go from a crush, to full blown unconditional love, and I was so happy and honored to be part of their day. May your marriage be bless.

And not only that, my dear sis (not related by blood), Kak Izzah also got married on the very next day. Thank you to Malindo Airlines for flying me from Kl to Johor. I’m so happy i could make it to both.

pill 1: To arie’s husband- She’s my bestfriend, you’ll break her heart and i’ll break your bones. Take care of her will ya.. :p


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