New Year of 2016

Happy New Year to everyone!

happy new year

This is the first year of me not becoming a student.

Seriously, awkward. Rasa tua sangat.So now i’m trying my best to

expose myself to new stuff other than studies.

I’m not that nerd okay. Besides, we heard from KKM that our batch

intake for housemanship might be on late- March. Who knows?

Maybe it’ll be later than that. So here is what in my list;

  • sewing class
  • swimming class
  • gym
  • kelas mengaji

And the list might go on. Gonna finish these by this current month.

Another 3-4 months to go unemployed. Wish me luck!


Pill 1: Here a birthday shout out to both of my sisters back there Fakhirah and Syuhada. A year increase, a year wiser okay 🙂