May the Force be with Ho

January had done so much to me though this is not the end yet.

I was taping at the back of my iphone because the screen went all black suddenly. I learned this tip back there from my groupmate. Old iphone sometimes can make a mess too u know. And when the phone restart back, the internet connection was sluggish. I thought so maybe because we’re passing by gunung ganang on my way to KL.

After some time, i got nearly thousand of whatsapp notifications. “Amboi kencang sungguh borak. Group mana satu ni, baru je phone mati kejap.”.

Good news arrived. Tu  pasal kencang sangat borak.


Alhamdulillah, finally the long waiting had come to cease. Nearly 5 months. We received the offer letter from SPA and already registered the ehouseman online on 18th January. And this time, i will not migrate to other places and contribute myself in my homebirth place. That’s a great news for me and the whole family.

Of course special thanks to my dear bff for helping me a lot. Seriously u did well! The one i can depend on. She’s the one who registered me online and chose placement for me. How could i repay u? hahah. Well it’s another story why can’t i register myself.

Congratulations to my batch who manage to get in this intake.

May the force be with us during our housemanship.





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