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Discover Terengganu

Fate meets us together.

I believe that if the bond is so tight, no matter how long we didn’t meet, we still can feel the love and warmth like before.

I was so blessed to have lovely seniors (read: my akaks). After they graduated on 2013, we rarely have much time to catch up. They were also busy with housemanship training. So out of nowhere, we decided to have a short vacation together after so many years. And here we go—> T.E.R.E.N.G.G.A.N.U

The 4 days were filled with laughter and love. And seriously, Terengganu wasn’t a bad choice (although we can’t go to pulau, air pasang).

This was taken on our way to climb Bukit Kluang, Besut

It took almost 40 minutes to climb the hill. Seriously, adrenaline rush! i’ve never climb any hills before so it was an impressive result for me. hahahha. When i arrived the top, i was frazzled. But the breathtaking scenery was superb and it was worth climbing for.

On top of the hill
Guess what in the Najjah beg? :p
Nickname: shadow

It was raining heavily on the 3rd day.

We were supposed to do island hoping and cave adventure excursion. But the waves were insane and the sky was dark. It wasn’t a good sign although we already arrived at Kenyir port from KT.

Frustrated. But surely there’s something we could do.

“A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.” – John Steinbeck

So we headed back to KT and went to Arfa Craft Complex. Terengganu is so popular with batik and handcrafting. So we did ours too in mini size! Now i know why i never get an ‘A’in Pendidikan Seni subject.

“I’m fine with anything as long as you guys are here”

Trying hard to not spoil my batik (menekap)
Macam rombongan sekolah

My akaks. They are still the same the way i knew before, with lots of love, caring. How am i suppose to feel when they got married later…Okay enough bout that before i need tissues :p

These are my lovely akaks Senpai, Kak fafa, Kak farah

Forgot to tell about the food. Everything i tasted here were superb! From maggi ketam, kopok lekor, sotong poknang and all. Satisfying. More satisfied when you ate with your loved ones. Haha. Ok a bit cliche there. A well-spent holiday. Short but sweet. Unexpected outcomes but enjoyable. Gonna plan our next trip soon..


Pill 1: Will come back again to Besut for my PTM there in 2 weeks time.

Pill 2: Thanks a lot to my dear shadow

Pill 3: Insya-Allah jadi 2ohb February. (Mode: mendoakan yang terbaik untukkmu. hehehe)

Pill 4: Goodluck to dear Yana and Bro for future housemanship. To Kirah, your disaster time will come :p :p

Pill 5: Love you senpai, kak fafa and kak farah!!


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