Tagger’s Life

I was indeed respect to all my seniors who have gone through this exact  point of life successfully.

Arrived hospital around 630am and reached home 11pm everyday. I eat after i came back home. And that was the full meal i could get for the whole day. It becomes routine and you just adapt to it.

But what really difficult is, when you have to harden your heart to the level of coldness, not heartless. For protection. So that it won’t affect you so much whenever you get scolded by your collegues, superiors, staff nurses and anyone who loves to speak to you that way.

You have to accept and to learn from every single things happenned around you. Day 3 life as tagger, i was mentally tortured when i was scolded by nephrologist during referring case. Down all day.   But then i realized, it was a learning process and i work not for them.

Yes not for them.

And today i got to see the light of the day again, offday. 🙂




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