Loosing Again

There were three of us in the ward for BD shift yesterday. (Read: BD shift means you work from 7am-12pm & 5pm-10am the next day). The only guy in my group was on leave that day. Jealous–

Alhamdulillah, it was an uneventful night with one admission midnight. So after finished taking blood for coming morning, we were so grateful for the first time night shift, we could get some sleep for 2 hours. At 0459am, while sleeping we were surprised to hear nurse calling us. One patient in acute critical bed was asystole (Read: heart stops beating) suddenly.

Imprudently, we ran towards the bed. Seriously a bit ‘mamai’. She was a neurosurgical patient. I checked her heart rate and could not feel one. She was essentially dead at that point.

My friend started pumping on her chest and we took turns. We rechecked her heart rate and still there was no such thing. Five ampules adrenaline and three ampules atropine were given. By that time, we already drenched in sweat from doing CPR.

I glanced over at the monitor. Flatline.

Even after everything we had done, nothing seemed to bring her back. I knew what we were doing was futile. After almost 35 minutes we did active resuscitation, we announced time of death.

This was not the first time.

And i just realized, when we were in medical school, we were taught about how to manage the patients. But i was never taught on how to cope with loosing patient. EXPERIENCE makes doctors fear for the well being of the patient. It feels, hopeless.



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