Housemanship: Trial period



It has been almost 4 months working. And my surgical posting will end soon before starting in new department. To be honest, a LOT of experiences, events happened in these beautiful 4 months. It’s true people said that, if you put your heart into it, you can manage it well no matter how hard it is. Meeting new people and make new friends. That was the very best part of it. Especially in surgical department here, we work as a team. Being divided into small multiple groups, that will be your small family. Thank god my groupmates are awesome. If you got the selfish one, thats bad.

Still remember during my tagging period, i got scolded for the very first time by nephrologist and it was through the phone. My case presentation was sucked maybe. And i felt down for the whole day. And the first time i requested radiology urgent, i was scolded too by thay radiologist and the whole department heard. That was during my tagging time. 🙂 But you know, these experiences will make us learn. Indeed i learned from it. Dulu hati fragile, sekarang dah sealed. Hehehe

I thought, doctors will only do theirs jobs as a doctor. Well you know what i mean. Treat patients. But half of the time involves non-medical stuff like dealing with patient’s family, implant company agents, JKSP, and once I have to even deal with embassy regarding this one foreigner patient’s bill. I find that cute though. A doctor rolled into one.

My friends keep asking me.

“Is it stress at work?”

For now, in this very FIRST posting, i can say that i enjoy it so much ( few more days to finish) except awaiting for my viva with you-know-who. 😅 As a beginner in this new world, i still lack and learn. And when i remember all the things I went through, I feel it is worth choosing this path.

And i will try keeping it that way. IA


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