Medical Houseman



I’m currently doing my medical posting, started on 10 July 2016, and now it has been almost 2 weeks. Again I went back to zero, knowing that I must do twice as much as my previous posting. Because here, we deal with more broader and wider diseases. It’s not as simple as surgical problems. To be honest, I haven’t had time to do anything else during my tagging period. No time to open any books, left home as early as 5am and went back at 12-1 am. The workloads seem like never ends. And that’s why i aimed to off-tag in less than 14 days. Alhamdulillah, managed on my Day 11.

I find it very different in medical posting compared to my previous one, surgical. The system is not systematic and the timetable is urghhh. We will be informed in what cubicle we’ll be in-charged tomorrow on the night before (sometimes 2-3 hours before i went to work). And seriously, i don’t like last minutes changes. But what to do? Sebagai houseman marhaen, we have no choice. Here, we have to be a fast learner, we have to manage first before informing Mo. And sometimes, i feel reluctant weather want to give or not to give this or that medications to patients. Should i increase the units of insulin or should i stick with the current one. Should i start noradrenalin when the BP is persistently hypotensive or should i wait more. Independent, thinking, planning and action.

So whenever i’m not sure and don’t know what to do, i just ask someone who knows. It doesn’t matter who. Seniors, staff nurses, mo. I’ll rather be nagged or scolded rather than make a mistake for not asking.

Sometimes, i feel like running away would be good. I’m so damn tired everyday after finished working and the only thing that keeps me doing this, is only because i had this thinking that, ‘if we do good to people, treating people with full hearted, then Allah will pay us back in totally different ways’. Well, i want that 🙂


Pill 1: Please be fast 4 months

Pill 2:And tonight will be another sleepless night

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