Escape to Pulau Redang

You would never imagine how i live my life nowadays
Its either in the room or in hospital. πŸ˜…

Medical is totally not my interest.I can see me changing. 

And i’ll rather talk about that later. So, in my hustle and bustle life, i managed to get my offday (in such a difficult way-and i dont wanna remember that tho) and escaped to pulau redang. This was my first island vacation in Malaysia.And i was sooo excited.
I don’t wanna get a headache thinking about food, tour and so on, so i booked under Laguna Redang Island Resort Package. It’s quite expensive per head, but totally worth it. Already included meals x3/day, snorkelling trip x3, boat transfer to jetty and the best accomodation ever. Coming here was the best choice i did especially i was really stressed on my last day working before that. After my postcall, we straight away went to Kuala Terengganu and spent 1 night there before departed to Pulau Redang on the next morning. My 3 days 2 nights on the island were superb. And i just didn’t wanna go back.

Beyond expectation. Woke up in the morning and jump into the sea,swim in the clear waters where it was warm. Feeling hot, then jump straight into the pool in front of the room. Eat whatever you want. The ambience enough to make you feel better. I feel so relieved and relaxed. I can rest a bit from thinking about every single things and problems in the hospital.

I wish i can have this quality time together again with my beloved family. And yes! It relieved me so much.

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