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Monday kills the joy

I was instead a bit surprised and i was never imagined to finally having a short-break during this current awaiting sinking of medical ship. Yeah it was literally obviously. Nowadays in my medical posting, there are few housemen. I just can’t get it why the management office didn’t allow first posters to enter medical as first posting. And with a large numbers of HO (read:houseman) were leaving this posting, we are left short-numbers. Really-really few numbers of us. Talking bout that will be in a different post later.
Short-break for two days were granted  with a deal to participate in medical family day. And not all people can join, as only few seats are available to represent Ho. I was thinking this was the only chance to get away from non-stop works at the hospital. And i wasn’t regret at all. Off to Cherating.
What a wonderful time I had with my collegues and friends. Rather than communicate about patients, drugs and works, we finally can talk about food, hobbies, and knowing ourselves better. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a long time. We played beach-volleyball, walking at the seaside, enjoyed games, acting (in our grand dinner), swimming, and food hunting. But the best of all is the moment when we can eat comfortably with no rush in time like always. 

We’re being childish again. 

Realized that tomorrow is Monday. It kills the temporary joy. But yes, this short-getaway relieved my stress so much.

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