My Housemanship

My last day in Medical Posting

Today marked the day i left medical posting for good. Exactly 4 months travelling in an adventurous world of this posting, seriously prepared me a more withstanable shield to face an upcoming storm within my 2 years of housemanship journey. 
The first month into this posting surely tough from the side of adaptation. Coming up to 2-3rd months of life with short housemen in the department seriously made us more stronger and close to each others (with exceptional case of course). Dont talk about workloads, short-handed, zombie life, or even OL. Despite of that, we are more than gratefull if we got even one day weekend off especially if you are working in the busiest male ward, 8C.
Thanks to my cool specialists, Dr Baqlish, Dr Rasnaizam, Dr Chan. My superb MOs, Dr Tan, Dr Firdaus, Dr Hazlan and the lists continue. I was being blessed working with them. These are the people that i meet everyday during my last 2 months in 8C. Not to forget our gossiping partners, hakak2 staff nurses 8c (i dare not to mention every single names). And of course to my friends here especially to the girls 3 ketul😜. U know who u are. Thanks a lot!! 
We had been asked previously the day we entered medical. 

“So, how’s medical posting?” 

And now i can answer it properly. 

“It was bittersweet. I look forward to complete, but i feel like im gonna miss it”

*Picture: 2 of my MOs. The other one not in picture was stressed enough got his things done. He just realized he’s gonna be 2nd call tonight😜





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