Give it Time

Mindlessly going through myphoto album since my first year in Russia, when I know exactly, this empty wish will soon disappear into the thin air. 

Let it be.

Let my heart over controlled my mind. Give it time.

I don’t know why I am so scared of being lonely. After so many leaving me, sometimes i forgot, there’s always You who watching me all the time. Is love all I want to earn?

It’s crazy when i keep thinking on how i could ever breath calmly. Like this person takes away the most important part of my body and make my soul restless since then. How could it be?

I was so embarrassed when i saw myself in the mirror fall on my knees, breakable, like a punishment of a death sentence had been already executed. That is how it feels. I learned that it’s fine to conceal your feeling and fondness before you getting hurt even more and more.

Let it be.

For the last time. 

Let it heals.

There’s nothing can stop how you feel. Everyone deserves to be happy even when it means falling in love at the risk of an uncertain ending of love story.

But where should it be. 

It’s You who always with me.


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