My Bro

This few months..

I am the one who let my guard down and cannot think straight, the fool that infatuated with poor judgement and at risk of losing myself to my emotion. I was defeated, and it is such a shame that I wasn’t tough. Through out that, i know, i am not the one who face bumps and obstacles in life.

To cut things short, i felt very guilty to this one of the most important people in my life. You know why, bro. She’s my best friend since the day i stepped my foot down on the land of  Russia.  The one that always being here, whenever i need. Yup, always. Most of the time i can say.

And she’s just married.

It finally happened. Whoa…how weird is that to say? I still can’t believe myself. We have been talking about this day since we studied before. I couldn’t be happier for you. I’m so glad you found the one who makes your heart and soul happy. Although deep inside i know, we wouldn’t be the same after this, i hope it’s not true, bro.

Proud of you. 

Be happy bro.

And don’t forget, pray for me too 🙂




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