My paeds posting ends here



The only department that every houseman in this hospital will have a little too much fear to enter at first


Stressful and strict department. But on top of everything, this is the only department that you, a merely houseman, need to do everything you could to save a baby’s life. Resuscitation at first minute of life, all referals come through you. She (our hod) trained us as a medical officer, not a houseman. That’s her aim at least, although the way is tougher. And mistakes are not allowed.


Holding a file bag (macam budak sekolah), whitecoats off, and sometimes with big active/passive resuscitation box, you’ll know exactly that is paeds houseman, our identity. Gonna miss that most.


Till then babies, not gonna poke you anymore. 

May Allah ease those my friends in paeds, insya allah. You guys helped me a lot. Thanks.


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