My Housemanship

Massive bleeding

I stepped into the ward 2 days ago around 4pm to start my night shift. Active ward that day, but everything looked controllable except 1 acute bed that acttracted my eyes. The curtain was closed and they (anaest, nurse, houseman) were in middle of intubation process.

“U night shift ke?”, my medical officer asked me.

“Aah Dr Loke. Saya and syafiqah malam ni”.

“Okay, now mereka tengah intubate that patient. U go and take 20cc syringe, we’re gonna give blood transfusion by bolus”.

Blurred without knowing the case, but i just took what needed and ran back to the bed, went inside the curtain. Blood were all over the bed and floor. The bedsheet was soaked. What happenned to this patient?

“Patient apa ni Dura?”, asking my collegue who incharged of the acute cubicle that morning

“Upper GI bleed. Memang massive bleeding up and down. Tadi muntah darah sampai menyembur2. Ada hematochezia jugak. Dah transfuse 6 units FFP, 6 pints packed cells”

“Perghh, dari pukul berapa resus patient ni?”

“Dari pukul 1 ptg babe. Memang tak cara langsung ke patient lain. Darah tak henti”

And he still has ongoing bleeding. Tonight is gonna be a long night indeed.

“Atirah, please bag this patient, barely able to intubate him, make sure it’s not dislodge. Look at all those sweats and blood, unable to properly plaster the tube”

Waiting for ICU backup, thank God at least this kind of critical patient not under my care through out the night.

“Dura, passover sikit patient ni. Kang menganga aku nak pi transfer pt ke ICU dok tahu sabuk”

I just wonder, if he can able to make it till tomorrow at least. that was my first time seeing massive bleeding not in OT. Hope everything goes fine. Just fine.


Pill 1: This post was written about 9 months ago, and i just realized it till this morning.



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