It had been 5 months 6 days since i started my journey into this department. The posting which i have nothing in my mind the very first day i started. ‘Nothing’ means i couldn’t even remember what did i learn back there during my study in motherland Russia. I mean, ortho.

I don’t even remember, did we learn all those funny classifications of fractures, xray finding acceptable or not post op, all those implants, even the basic thing like what is the principle treatment of open fracture. Nope, i didn’t learn all those stuff back there. We learned different kind of thing, we don’t have DFU in Russia, for sure.

So the most easiest posting as per say by other housemen, which is orthopaedic, was the toughest one for me. To learn a far way new things, to digest , to study back all those new input. And the worst part is, i don’t have any interest and curiosity to learn ortho stuff at that time. Might be one of the reason was, i took thing for granted, thinking that this gonna be my second last posting, so just chill. Well its true that nothing beats a curious mind, which im not at that time.

Throughout days and months, plus being extended for one month, for sure i hate this posting sooo much, plus with the fact that this posting had spoiled my record of housemanship without any extension before. So, i hate it. So many new rules, which is ridiculous sometimes. Bias specialist, okay thats only one person.lol. And above all, in orthopaedic?? Extension?? Not worth it.

And today is my last day in the department, i realised, i learned a lot.. all those tulang2 stuff. Feel like dont wanna leave. And if im not being extended, i can guaranteed, i will not even touch nor read any orthopaedic books back then. Im blessed having all of kind MOs here in the department that treated me well, i enjoyed working in OT, i enjoyed working in my loveliest ward 2C, i enjoyed attending ortho pt in ED with knowledges, i enjoyed having WEO every week and PH and above all, i enjoyed working with my colleges. And i feel sooooooo macho in this posting. lol. Except certain things, or certain people to be exact that i think its better to keep silent. No badmouthing. lol.

Special thanks to my Mos for teaching me a lotttt. I wished i could thank everyone here, but mentioning names here would be too obvious. haha. Moving on to the next posting, please welcoming me well, ED. Totally freak-out.

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