A whole new beginning

Has it really been that long?


Feel like ages since the last time i opened up my wordpress and let out everything in my mind. It was so hard nowadays getting chance to sit peacefully and write.

But my life surely been in a good pace. Or should i say, life has been very interesting these days.


Within this few months, i just moved on to the next level of life, big transition. Really BIG one.


I’ve been married to the most wonderful guy ever. We don’t really have a thing before, everything happened so fast. Alhamdulillah it goes well for us.


I’m pretty sure, all this time I thought love was all about how a man should confess his love by giving surprises, gifts, presents, messages saying he loves me, and all that typical characters in movies and love story. But here is this person, who loves me for all i am secretly, and not showing a single hint on me until he asked me to marry him. All those that he does or does not do, there must be some reason, that somehow he would keep to himself with good intention. Seems like introvert but he’s more like soft-hearted, sweet, doesn’t like to show off and the most patient person that i’ve ever met.


How finally he proposed to marry me was a history. But celebrating the most special day in my life getting married to the most amazing person ever, i was like, is this real?

Am i getting married?



Planning for a marriage is seriously a big thing. Headache and all definitely will. We engaged on 16 September 2017 and married on 16 February 2018. As my working schedules as houseman is very time-limited and plus abah was already gone (there’s only my mom to think of everything), we decided to hire a wedding planner that will do and think everything for us.


Simple to hardest things like the colour theme, the kind of flowers i want, the dais, the wedding dress, my hantaran, food-catering and everything was included. The planner gonna make sure every single things run smoothly, and alhamdulillah, it did.


Within 2 months preparation, everything’s ready except my own dry-prone skin with eyebags (back to back night shift till the day before solemnization) and unsuccessful weight-loosing program.


And there it goes, everything i hope for our sweet and simple solemnization and wedding ceremony. Alhamdulillah for those hands involved and efforts in making it all happenned.

So here it goes.

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